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Start writing more today.

Prose makes writing effortless, letting you absorb yourself in the words.

A simple document structure makes it easy to pick up where you left off.

Documents are stored under projects. Easily segregate projects into different categories and organise different aspects of your writing.

Connect Prose to a CMS or use the API

Connect to Contentful, Prismic, Wordpress and simply hit publish in order to share your content with those you care about. Or use the API to build your own custom site and render the content as you best see fit.

Other Features

Dark Mode

For working on those super secret documents at night

Cloud Storage

Keep everything safe on the cloud and write from anywhere


Prose supports both rich text and markdown - with keyboard shortcuts

Modify Fonts

Change fonts, lineheights and character spacing to fit your preferances

Make Public

Easily turn documents public and share with the world from within the app


Let people comment on your document, either inline or afterwards

Prose Blog

Publish online under your own Prose domain with one of our templates

Custom Domains

Customise your own domain and directly share as a blog

Available soon for

Prose is an application that is available for both Windows OS and Mac OS.

Find out more about Prose

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Prose is currently under development, if you find this product enticing then please subscribe and you can directly contribue to its development.

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Company name

Prose is an application under development by Sam Loyd.

Find out more about the developer here.

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